Celebrate Tangrams!
How many tangram puzzles can you solve?
Online Tangram Puzzles

There are many Tangram websites that allow you to solve challenging Tangram puzzles from simple to difficult.


Cyberchase Games: Tangram Game

Be sure to read the directions on how to rotate and flip tangram pieces when you solve the puzzles. There are over 20 puzzles to solve. You can use Hints and Lines On to see how the shapes fit.  Have fun!

PBS kids Sagwa: Tangrams

10 puzzles both easy and hard to solve. Drag and place tans in place to solve each puzzle.

The Tangram Game
At this site you can race against the clock and improve your time. You can also use "cheats" by clicking on the puzzle to see how the pieces should be placed.

                                                                      Apples 4 the Teachers: Chinese Tangrams
When you get to this site scroll down to find the Tangram workspace. There are lots of ads around you so donít get distracted. There are 6 classic tangram shapes to solve.      

Tangram House
          the Oldest Chinese Puzzle
This site has its own workspace and sound that accompanies you as you solve puzzles.