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Meet the Author

Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
My Philosophy
Learning is a human activity that does not only happen at school. People construct their own understandings of things by experimenting and observing what happens. In schools we need to guide this human activity so that students can build sound structures of learning.

My Community
Austin is a large city in central Texas. It is the capitol city of the state. The main school district is the Austin Independent School District. There are somewhere around 80 or more schools in the district. Last year I was a substitute teacher in the district. It was very interesting to work with a large city district. This year I am working with the Eanes Independent School District which is a smaller district to the west of Austin (but still part of Austin). I will be a Computer Technology Coordinator at Barton Creek Elementary School.

My Environment

I live in east Austin which is the lower economic area of the city. Most of the schools have a large bilingual (Spanish speaking) community. Many of them are struggling to improve their test scores. I worked in the upper class district which is about 20 minutes from where I live. Each school had one full time person to support technology and I was one of them until the budget was cut and I lost the job.


I am creating my own job since there are not many jobs for my talents and experience. I think one of my most important strengths is my patience. I love to help people to learn how to use technology. My business is called "I'm not a Geek.com" and you can find out more about it on my website https://im-notageek.com. 

My Roles and Responsibilities

I am now running my own business. So far a great deal of time is spent getting the word out and networking to find clients. I enjoy working with people at their homes to help them learn to do things that they want to learn. Every week I have an Open House at my house where people can come and bring their laptops to learn. We do different things depending upon the interests of the people who come. We have worked on making a three fold brochure, learning Prezi, Facebook, Web Page making and doing a blog. I keep learning new things to keep my skills up. The newest for me is using Windows 8, Instagram and Pinterest.