Ms. Dempsey's Class
WRITING: We will be writing many expository essays and a short story.  
==>All first draft essays must be double-spaced written or typed.
==>All final draft essays must be typed, double-spaced, 12-14 point      font.

Personal Letter Assignment

How To Essay

Persuasion Graphic Organizer

Persuasion Topics

Problem Solution Essay

Problem Solution Graphic Organizer

Problem Solution Topic Venice Sinking

Problem Solution Topic Coral Reef Crisis

Response to Literature Graphic Organizer

Story Map (Narrative Graphic Organizer)

Final Copy Format
☺ Include a title.
☺ Use a capital letter to start a sentence.
☺ Always use end marks.?!
☺ Rough drafts are handwritten.
☺ Skip lines when writing your rough draft.
☺Final drafts are written in either blue or black ink or typed.
☺ If typed, double-space at 12-point font in Comic Sans.
☺ Attach final draft to rough draft (rough draft behind final draft).

Your essays will be graded using the 6th Grade Rubric.
6th Grade Rubric

100% Rule
☺ Write Legibly.
☺ Use the proper heading.
☺ Keep margins clear and even.
☺ Save two blank lines at the bottom of the paper.
☺ Binder holes on left side of paper.
☺ Things that are copied must be spelled correctly.
☺ Papers must have a clean edge.
☺ Use FINAL COPY FORMAT as requested.