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By Emma.R.P5      March 31, 2009 -- 03:46 PM
Penguins canít fly.

By Terrence      May 7, 2008 -- 05:45 PM
Penguins spend 75% of their lives in the water

By Isabelle Delore      April 23, 2008 -- 09:15 AM
Penguins mostly eat squid.:)

By Allison      April 23, 2008 -- 09:11 AM
Sometimes chicks may take three days to get out of their egg.

By Jacob Thomas Chow      April 23, 2008 -- 09:05 AM
Rock Hoppers eat lantern fish and small euphasid.

By Kristi      April 23, 2008 -- 09:04 AM
Penguins will often do this to get a gulp of air before diving back down for fish.Penguins have shiny,waterproof feathers that help keep their skin dry.

By Allison      April 23, 2008 -- 09:02 AM
Did you know Emperors can hold their breath up 25 minutes?

By ETHAN CHANG      April 23, 2008 -- 09:01 AM
Penguins spend a lot of time dealing with temperture.

By Noah Fong      April 16, 2008 -- 09:19 AM
Penguins spend a lot of time dealing with temperture. They are warm blooded Just like us.Their temperture is 100 degrees F.

By Isabelle Delore      April 16, 2008 -- 09:19 AM
Fairy penguins are also called The Little Blue Penguin.

By Allison      April 16, 2008 -- 09:19 AM
Did you know that since penguins backs are black they are difficult to spot in the water?

By Casey      April 16, 2008 -- 09:17 AM
Penguins are birds with black and white feathers. All of the species live in the Southern hemisphere.They have more feathers than most other birds-about 70 feathers per square inch.Penguin bones are solid, not hollow(most birds have hollow bones).

By Allison      April 16, 2008 -- 09:15 AM
Did you know penguins drink both water and salt water while in the ocean?

By Kristi      April 9, 2008 -- 09:16 AM
Penguins are birds that cannot fly.Their body is built for the most efficient swimming with their average speed in the water being about 15 miles per hour.

By Ricardo Tremper      April 2, 2008 -- 10:23 AM
Penguins are birds with black and white feathers. They can swim up to 15 miles per hour.

By Sage      April 2, 2008 -- 10:16 AM
When penguins mate they slap each other on the back. Can you believe that?!

By Jacob      April 2, 2008 -- 09:19 AM
The Emperor penguin is the tallest penguin.The Emperor penguin lays only one egg and others have a lot.

By Camille Minault      March 19, 2008 -- 03:41 PM
Did you know that after a September arrival for fairy penguins at Christchurch some developed calluses on their feet?

By Ms. Mott's class      March 19, 2008 -- 01:30 PM
It looks like some penguins are wearing tuxedoes. But their coloring is really camoflage to protect them from predators. The black on their back helps them blend into the dark water. The white blends in under the water with the shimmer from sunlight above. Did you know that penguins have solar heaters on their backs? The dark color helps attract sunlight to warm their feathers.

By Ms. Lewis' class      March 19, 2008 -- 11:17 AM
Did you know that Emperor Penguins can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes at a time? They dive down in the water up to 1500 feet when they are fishing.

By Ms. Lee-Chin's class      March 19, 2008 -- 09:07 AM
We learned that Emperor Penguins weigh up to 90 pounds and are up to 4 feet tall.

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