Learning from Multicultural Friends
Why is it important to learn from different cultures?
Meet the Author

jefferson elementary school

My Community
I live in the Mission neighborhood around a great diversity of peoples. There is a large latino community, who i love for their kindness and great supermarkets. There is also a pretty hip community of young folk of all different backgrounds. There are many produce and thrift stores, markets, and local businesses of all sorts. There is a great park, many churches and temples, and a huge cultural center. Everything you could need or want is in walking distance.

My Environment
My school is right next to Golden Gate park and seems to be a wonderful community. It is a great school with a large parent involvement. There is a large community of asian students. I am not sure about the rest of the information yet.

My Roles and Responsibilities
I just started my student teaching in kindergarten at Jefferson but already I have read aloud to the children, set up the classroom, helped with snack time,participated on the rug with the kids, and consoled children having a hard time.

Original Author

Teresa Hodges


My Philosophy
It is important to me that students learn the basics/fundamentals and I like when that means incorporating stories and experiences that are relevant to them and their backgrounds/experiences. I hope to continue to learn about educational inequalties and how I can advocate for social change. I really like interactive lessons, although most of my interactive lesson experience has been for workshops for high school students rather than in elementary schools.

My Community
I live right near SFSU, but am not yet too familiar with what the community is like, other than there are college students and there are families.

My Roles and Responsibilities
I am a teaching credential student at SFSU and am currently a student teacher at Jose Ortega Elementary school. That means learning all the I can about teaching and learning and how to do that, and being a part of the Jose Ortega community as well.