Learning from Multicultural Friends
Why is it important to learn from different cultures?
Core Understandings and Learning Objectives
Core Understandings
  •  Examine their own cultures and realize the influences multiculturalism has on our lives.
  • Conflict can arise through difference and people can be affected differently by groups in power.
  • We all have valueable things to share with one another that we can all learn from.
  • Learn and report back about a multicultural person.
  • Performance and study of art in culture is important for the maintenance of and reproduction of culture.
  • Each person contributes to their communities of cultures and everyone is a valuable member who has the capacity to influence positive change in our society.

Learning Objectives
  • Students will relate and express their cultural backgrounds.
  • Students will identify conflicts based on cultural differences and discuss ways to address it and examine  reasons behind it.
  • Students will organize presentations and projects on culture and multicultural people.
  • Students will interpret and create various visual and performing arts pieces on different cultures.
  • Students will address different English/Language Arts and Visual and Performing Arts according to California Content Standards.