The Gingerbread Man Goes Around the World
Learn how other countries and cultures tell stories using the Gingerbread Man theme.

The theme in the classic folktale, Gingerbread Man, has universal appeal.  Below are versions of the story as told in different countries as well as other English language variations.  These different versions provide a great opportunity for cross-cultural activities. Check out the links below for more information. To purchase any of our recommended books from Amazon go to our Book List.

The Runaway Latkes (video and more)

Kolobak, The Rolling Pin  (Russian folklore)

Matzo Ball Boy  (activities for)

Runaway Rice Cake (lesson ideas from Learning to Give)

Runaway Tortilla (ideas for classroom use by the author - in pdf format)

Gingerbread Cowboy (summary and lesson ideas - in Word format)

Musubi Man (Hawaiian version with compare and contrast activities)