Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Be Creative!
Video can support what you are teaching, and can truly enhance the learning experience and allows your students to understand concepts more fully. Try combinations of any of the following strategies:

 With Students
  • Autobiographies
  • Video Pen Pals
  • ELL/ESL Practice
  • Field Trips
  • Interview Historic Figures
  • Commercials
  • Animations
  • Students Presenting Lessons
  • Newscasts from Past
  • Science Experiments
  • Video yearbooks
  • Fashion Show
  • Student Dance Work
  • Make-up Classwork
  • Video Assemblies
  • Book Talks
  • Record Art Work
  • Assessment
  • Behavior Modification
  • Student Mock Courts
  • Job Interview Practice
  • Practice Foreign Language                      
  • Practice Speeches or Plays
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Library of Lessons for Homework
  • Prompts for Creative Writing
As a Professional Tool
  • Tour Guide for New Students
  • Used for Self-Evaluation
  • Faculty Meetings
  • Staff Inservices
  • Pre- and Post- to Show Progress
  • Share Projects with Community
  • Post Student Word for Parents
  • Video Student for IEP
  • Examples of Discipline Concerns to Show at Parent Conference
  • New Teacher Presentations
  • Library of Lessons to Share with Other Teachers
Types of Video Formats
  • Talking Head (Lecture)
  • Video Report
  • Interview
  • Game Show
  • Panel Discussion
  • Documentary
  • Role Play
  • Dramatization
  • News Story
  • Demonstration
  • Satire or Parody
  • Animation
  • Slide Show

Compiled by and for teachers

If you have any ideas or new ways to use video in your classroom, please share in the comment box below.