Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Video Terminology

CUClose up shot - takes in head and shoulders.
DollyMove tripod and camcorder back and forth to and from subject.
ECUExtreme close up - frames in face and cuts off forehead.
EDITSelect footage wanted for the final production where graphics/text/special effects/sound can be added to that footage.
ELSExtreme long shot - wide angle of scene to get everyone or everything in shot.
FadeTransition from scenes with black to scene (fade-in) or scene to black (fade-out).
FocusMakes scene clearer (automatic - adjusts automatically if moving camcorder where manual is used when camcorder is stationary and those in scene move).
GraphicsPictures imported from a computer or editor.
HeadroomTo frame a person in shot with space above head and eyes at top third of frame.
LSLong shot - to get most of the person(s) or object(s) in frame.
MCUMedium close up takes three quarters of the person or object in frames.
NoseroomSpace before nose when shooting profile or person.
OverlayAdd graphics and/or text on top of an image on the tape.
PanMove camcorder from side to side.
PedestalMove camcorder up and down on tripod.
SceneEach equence of events with a pre-designed beginning, middle, and end.
SegmentA designated section of video (usually a scene or group of scenes)
ShotA part of a scene with the camcorder generally in one position.
StoryboardPlanning strategy where a graphic image and text depict each scene. Directions, props, timing can also be included for direction of each scene.
TextWords imported onto video either by computer, editor, or just videoing text on paper.
TiltTip or lean camcorder up or down using tripod or holding camcorder.
TruckPhysically move camcorder and tripod left or right.
Wide Angle PanPan from one end of scene slowly to other end which takes in all of scene.
ZoomMove closer into the scene from long shot to close up or vice versa.