Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Classroom Video Basics: an online guide on the basics of video in the classroom.

AFI Screen Education Guide: A comprehensive tool with storyboards, introductory lessons, examples of screen plays, video release form, and lots more. (PDF)

Meaningful Digital Video for Every Classroom
Hall Davidson lists the different levels of introducing video into the classroom

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling - Tools, resources, guides, examples and more.

Video for the Classroom - How to work with students to create their own movies - including tips, planning, roles and projects

Extend, Enhance, and Facilitate - Video Clips - Video clips that can be used by educators and students for non-commercial productions.

12 Tips for Shooting Digital Video - Christoper Essex’s tips provide a good model for beginners and experienced users as well.

Educators: Video in the Classroom - KQED provides tips and information

Instructional Technology - Video in the Classroom - Video templates, tutorials, articles, and much more!

On a Roll: Digital Photography and Image Editing - Empower your students to become active investigators of their world with activities that focus on creative applications of digital photography.

Using Digital Video to Enhance Learning - An article from the UK about a pilot study about the relationship of the use of digital videos and learning.