Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Examples of Videos in the Classroom
Here’s video by some very talented middle school students in LAUSD:

Quickie clips RSSPodcast:
This is a glimpse at the ’UnRealWorld: Gods & Goddesses’ project. Enjoy.

Collections of Student Videos:

Apple's Gallery of Student Movies: Collection of movies produced with iMovie.

Digital Storytelling: Example of digital storytelling about the Underground Railroad with full lesson plan.

Core Democratic Values: Fifth graders and high schoolers collaborated to produce these videos that relate the abstract core values to real life.

Pond Investigation: Students used video to record their observations of a local pond.

Classroom Helpers: One teacher connected classroom helper positions with the concepts of goods and services.

Lab Experiment: Step-by-step procedures for a particular experiment.