Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
How to Use Your Digital Camcorder
Most low cost digital video cameras are similar to the Canon ZR10 or Elura and are good for the classroom because of:

Ease of use
Quality and reliability
Convenience of local dealer/repair facility
Video in/out ports for firewire, RCA, and S-video.

Note: Most digital camcorders do not come with firewire cables. You will need to use the one that came with your Macbook or firewire-capable computer.

Digital camcorders have a button to press first to rotate to Camera and Playback modes. In Camera mode, press the Red button to Record and again to Pause or Standby. In Playback mode, use the buttons to play, fast forward, rewind, and pause similar to a DVD player.

Some cameras have the playback buttons on the viewer.
The viewer can be used during recording and playback. The viewer uses battery power faster than the regular viewfinder.

The eject button of the ZR-10 is located on the bottom of the camcorder. Wait for the  tape bay to pop open so the tape can be gently pulled out.

Camcorder Tips
  • Make sure you charge your battery before starting taping.
  • Check your tape to make sure you donít record over anything you recorded before by playing the tape in Playback mode.
  • Practice recording and pausing several times.
  • Use Backlight if subject is in front of a window.
  • Try not to use zoom or move the camcorder during shots.
  • For stable shots, use a tripod.
  • Keep scenes short from 5 to 7 seconds unless you plan to put in transitions. You can edit long scenes to make them shorter during the edit mode.