Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Add Title, Transitions, Music
Add a Title

Click T for Titles.

You can either add a title over one of your clips or create a title clip.

Create a catchy title and type it in the fields below.

Try several of the different styles and preview.

Change the size of the text by dragging the slider to the right for larger text or left for smaller text.

Choose a color that contrasts the background. Click off Over black if you want the title to go over your first clip.

After you select the style, size, color, and speed, drag the highlighted style to either before or on the first clip.

Add Transitions

If you want to add transitions between clips, each clip needs to be at least 5 seconds in length. Place your playhead between two clips.

Preview different transitions to see how they look.

Try different speeds.

When you find the one you like, click Apply.

You will see a red line rendering the transition. (may take a minute or longer).

TIP: Choose one transition to use between all of the clips. You want your audience to watch your video instead of trying to figure out what transition will come next.

Add Music

Make sure you have finished the video and the timing works for you. For this workshop, try to keep your video around one minute.

Click Audio.

The music in your iTunes appears. You can either scroll or do a search for a specific song.

If your song goes longer than your video, you can crop the audio just like you did for the video.

You can fade in the music in the beginning and fade out in the end.