Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Video from a Digital Still Camera
Most digital still cameras on the market today have the ability to capture video.  Using these clips in iMovie is a great way to utilize the digital still camera if you are not as concerned with the quality of the audio or the resolution of the video.

In order to use the small video clips that have been taken from a digital still camera, connect the camera the camera to the computer the same way you would to work with still pictures.

Once the camera is connected to the computer turn the camera on and iPhoto will automatically launch. Make sure and import the clips into iPhoto first in order to later work with them in iMovie. iMovie will have a difficult time importing the clips straight from the digital still camera.

You will not need to keep iPhoto open except to download the video clips. So, go ahead and close the iPhoto application.

Once the clips have are stored in iPhoto you are ready to use them in iMovie.