Digital Video Production
What is a quick and easy way to learn how to make videos?
Using Video Clips from iPhoto
Part of what makes using iMovie so easy is the ability to work with other media stored on your computer, like still pictures, music and small video clips recorded with a digital still camera. These small clips recorded with a digital still camera differ from video recorded from a Mini DV camcorder in the quality of the audio and video. These clips are usually associated with iPhoto.  Each clip is a different format than the .jpg of photos. These small video clips are .AVI and thus usually are not associated with iMovie. But is is entirely possible to use, edit  and publish these clips in iMovie.

  • To work with .AVI clips click the "Media" tab under the shelf.
  • Click the "Photo" tab at the top and you will have access to all of your pictures and video clips that exist in your iPhoto application.
  • Navigate to the clips you'd like to work with and drag them, one at a time to the clip timeline in iMovie.
  • Each clip willtake a moment or two to import.
  • Import as many as you'd like and them work with them as you would with any video segment.