Mr. Leal's e-Portfolio

My name is Marcelo Leal and I’m in my 17th year of teaching Spanish at Oak Grove High School in San Jose. At fifteen, I came to the US from El Salvador continued my education in New York City where I graduated from Hunter College in Manhattan. It was also in New York where I worked with renown educator Deborah Meier at Central Park East Secondary School in Harlem where I learned how to motivate those students whose motivation may be lacking. I moved to California with my wife in 2000 and joined the team at Oak Grove High School in East San Jose. My passion is finding ways for students to access the curriculum with technology and motivating the Latino youth and their families for a post secondary education. Working with the Migrant Education Program and Latino Parents Coalition allows me to advocate for the importance of education to students and their families. My affiliation with BAFLP (the Bay Area Foreign Language Program) has allowed me to work with hundreds of language teachers on best practices and methods of teaching a second language. I’m currently working with educators to train them on the uses of an on-line unit sharing framework (My where I will be conducting upcoming workshops at Stanford University.