Demonstration Media Arts Classroom
Arts Education Branch LAUSD Local District 5
The Arts Education Branch has established eight Demonstration Media Arts Classrooms (DMACs) at selected school sites in each local district to build capacity for a high-quality standards-based Media Arts program.

DMAC sites are intended to exemplify an expanded, comprehensive model of facilities, equipment and instructional practices as a resource for local developing and existing media arts programs.  Participating Media Arts Lead Teachers will serve as regional resources for professional and curriculum development initiatives.

Metropolitan High and Metropolitan Community Day School  are proud to host the DMAC for Local District 5 with Ms. Santiago serving as the Media Arts Lead Teacher.

The instructional focus for DMAC LD5 is to have students create original media art works that demonstrate clarity of intent in conveying an idea, story or emotion.  

Critical analysis skills are incorporated into the instruction and can seen on by watching the discussions in our Media Arts Blog.

Collaborating with other teachers on multidisciplinary projects has also been a focus.  This year media arts collaborations have included Life Skills collaboration (Propositions Project), English (House Project), Biology (DNA project), Math (Word Problems Project), and English/Visual Art (iPhoto Book Project).

Please navigate through this website, as it is updated regularly with new student work and lesson plans.