Budgeting Around the World
After being dropped off with only the clothing on your back, how can you make your money last?

Students will create a plan for traveling to another country with limited funding.  They must not go over budget, but any money that is not spent may not be kept.  Students are given a grant and must plan every day of their vacations.  Food, lodging, wardrobe, climate, exchange rate, recreation, and culture are important factors for students to consider.  

What would you have to do in order to survive one week in a foreign country?  This is the essential question my students will answer.  For this project, students will use the technology to conduct research and investigate how to survive in a particular country.  They must work within a budget to survive and they will maximize their resources, using technology.  What better way to promote financial literacy?  Many students wish to travel the world, but do not know how to actually survive on a budget.  This project requires meaningful research, planning, and organization.  Finally, they will present their findings and share their presentations online with the world. 

Check out this article for ideas of how you can budget for your trip:  https://alittleadrift.com/2009/10/rtw-budget-travel-around-the-world/

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