Academic Language


Trace: List steps from beginning to end. 

Analyze: Break it apart. Think about it.

Infer: Look for clues. What does it mean? 

Evaluate: Solve. Tell the good and the bad.

Formulate: Put it together. 

Describe: Tell all about it. Use your senses.

                Tell who, what, when, where, why, & how

Support: Give reasons why. Give details or examples.

               Back it up by telling your evidence (how you know what you know). 

Explain: Tell how. Tell who, what, when, where, and why.

Summarize: Tell it in a few sentences. Put it in your own words.

Compare: How are they alike? Tell all the ways they are the same. 

Contrast: How are they different? Tell all the ways they are the different.

Predict: What do you think will happen next? Guess the outcome.

Understanding what the question is asking…..
Who? – name the person         Why? – tell the reason

      When? – tell the time               Where? – tell the place

     How?  - tell what & how it is being done  What? – tell the thing



Which operation do I choose?

increased by, more than, combined, together, total of, sum,

in all, added to, all, all together, plus

decreased by, minus, less, difference between/of, less than, fewer than, how many more, reduced by, remains, lost, change ($), left over

of, times, multiplied by, product of, increased/decreased by a,

factor of, twice as many, in all

per, out of, ratio of, quotient of, percent (divide by 100),

average, equally, shared