Composing Music with FL Studio
How do we know when we are finished composing a song?

This project is significant and important because it allows students to create real-world music of the 21st Century.

This project addresses the needs of our audience in that it allows us to connect with others on the basis of our musical expression.

This project meets all curricular goals and music standards.  It also meets technology and literacy standards.

Learning Objectives
Students will also learn how to write a song. Students will evaluate each others work.

Core Understandings
We can combine many different arts and subject areas when we write music. Expressing ourselves through the medium of sound. Students will understand how artists create songs in the real-world that are a art of their prior knowledge.

Students will write original lyrics and music to create their own song with the software FL Studio (kind of like the GarageBand for the PC). The songs will be published online here (see Final Projects link) and students will analyze and evaluate each othersí work.

The Learning Objectives of this project are for the students to learn the features of FL Studio Music software.
Music Composition
Reading and Notating Music
Focus Content Area:
Fine Arts

Secondary Content Area:
Other: Music
Grade Level: