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By Charlotte      February 27, 2013 -- 02:05 PM
Hi Nancy,
The pattern repeats after row 6. Begin again on Row ! until you have the desired size. Hope this helps.

By Nancy       February 22, 2013 -- 05:18 AM
I am trying to make the pattern for an afghan for the cause using the shadow triangles but not sure when the pattern repeats. Please help as I am stuck in the pattern. Thanks so much!

By Jeannie Phillips      November 26, 2010 -- 06:50 AM
I knit on looms... would love instructios to make the squares the right size on my Knifty Knitter looms...what a great thing to do with my leftover yarn!!

If anybody has instructions please email me at

By Missy de Tenley      October 14, 2009 -- 03:35 PM
Our small knitting group here in Emerald Isle, North Carolina LOVES this project. We will be sending you our squares soon.
How many afghans have you completed?
How many squares do you need to complete the next one?
Thank you for the inspiration.

By Lorraine Gebert      February 10, 2009 -- 02:15 PM
Hi Charlotte,
It was fun knitting these squares for a good cause. I hope they are what you're looking for. I'll keep knitting.

By Charlotte      August 7, 2008 -- 02:56 PM
Thanks, Barbara.....we're getting squares from all over the country! Please tell your friend I would be pleased to have her women's shelter in Nebraska be next on our list. Our first afghan is going well so now we can think about the second one!

By Barbara      August 7, 2008 -- 12:27 PM
I showed this site to a friend in Nebraska and she would like to let people know about the project. She works at a women's shelter in South Nebraska and would like to submit her place for the next afghan.

I think I need to need some more squares soon!

By Sara      July 25, 2008 -- 11:50 AM
This is so much fun! I love doing the knitting, learning new stitches and strategies, and knowing my work will be part of a larger whole for such a good purpose! Thanks so much for setting up this project!

By Charlotte      July 21, 2008 -- 07:43 PM
Thank you, Roxanne, for the beautiful "squares" you've knitted for our afghan. I'm going to photograph them to put on the site!

By Roxanne      July 17, 2008 -- 01:28 AM
I'm knitting a little daily to relax and unwind at the end of each day. I'm using some of the yarn I have left from other projects and am coming up with some interesting "design squares" for the quilt. It's fun!

By Charlotte      June 20, 2008 -- 03:31 PM
Thanks, Melissa. What a wonderful mother/daughter activity. You are so ambitious to try each pattern. Would love to use your squares as samples on the website. Happy knitting.

By Melissa      June 19, 2008 -- 10:34 PM
We are ready to create our squares. Our plan is to try each pattern.

Thanks for the great project!

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