Dragonwings Research
What was happening in San Francisco at the turn of the century?

Dragonwings is a historical novel written by Lawrence Yip.  It takes place in San Francisco in the early 1900ís, and is about a Chinese boy who comes to America to live with his father who works in a laundry to make a living.  The book tells of the discrimination of the Chinese and what they had to endure.  The highpoint of the story is the 1906 earthquake and what events take place during this chaotic time.

In this project students research the events in the book that happened in San Francisco at the turn of the century and produce a newspaper of their own from the events of that time period. Students research topics such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, the earthquake of 1906, the Wright Brothers and more. Then working in groups they write journalistic style articles about these important events in our local history.


San Francisco 1906 newspaper
Focus Content Area:
English/Language Arts

Secondary Content Area:
History/Social Science
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