Focus Question: If Earth were ever to become uninhabitable what would scientists need to look for on other planets to sustain life?

                        - Part of speech: adjective (describing words)
                        - Definition: not able to support human life
                        - Example: Death Valley is an uninhabitable wasteland

Our Kings Highway Elementary 3rd grade and Kennedy Middle School 8th grade students will learn about why human beings would need to leave Earth, such as, nuclear war, greenhouse effect, and/or a super virus. Once our learning communities have determined these are possibilities for needing to leave Earth, we will learn about what sustains human life as we know it today; oxygen, water, sunlight, nutrients, and shelter.  In order to find a new planet to live, we will review the failures and successes of our space exploration attempts, including Sputnik, Gemini, and Apollo.  After building background schema, we will delve deeper into outer space by looking at examples and non-examples of  planets in our solar system to determine what makes them liveable or not.  We will also look at our human imagination in our quest to know are we alone in the universe, through movies, music, and other arts. 

Throughout this project our 3rd & 8th grade Team will use authentic forms of assessments with rubrics, portfolios, hand-on activities, observations, interviews, journaling, conferencing, collaboration, and formal/informal surveys, questionnaires, tests, and quizzes.