Multicultural Activities
Support for English Language Learners

Your name is very important because it identifies who you are!  Be sure to ask your student how to pronounce their name or how "their parents" pronounce their name.  Many times students feel that you won’t be able to pronounce their names properly, so they give you what they think you want to hear.  Take the time to learn their names, even if it means writing it down phonetically or associating parts of the name to other words.  

This link may not have every name, but helps in pronouncing names.  The Pronouncing Names Dictionary

Classroom or school wide "Name Activity"


This school wide activity is perfect to use as a "Back to School" 

and/or as a "Getting to Know You" activity.

The projects can be displayed on bulletin boards or in the hallway to make a nice display for parents to see during "Open House Night", etc. and a great way to celebrate diversity!

Ideas:  Sample My Name Activities
Fun Writing Activity:  Name Poem

Mrs. Schmitt’s Pre-K Class created                     Mrs. Mannix’s Class saw how their
 a crossword puzzle.                                               names looked in hieroglyphics.