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Mix It Up Day is observed nation wide.  You can get many ideas and free resources from  TEACHING TOLERANCE  (click).  Our student leadership team decided to do was have a Mix It Up Day "Picnic" for grades 3-5 and this is what we planned:

We figured out how many students we had in total and then divided that number by the amount of people we wanted in each group.  We had 18 groups and each group was color coded, which afterwards we felt was too much work.  It would have been easier to have given each group a letter or animal name and then pass out stick on labels, but we used colors.  PMAC students cut pieces of yarn in 18 different colors and teachers received bundles for their classes (see next tab).  The goal was to have the students in each class and each grade level completely mixed up.  It was totally random with  no idea who would end up in each group.

The leadership team came up with a bag for each group.  The bag contained "getting to know you" questions, a new (Oriental Trading)  pencil for each person, an address book designed by a teacher assistant, markers, and chart paper.

Traffic cones were borrowed from the PE department and the colors posted to them and would be placed out on the field. (see next tab)

An email went out to the staff asking for blankets/comforters for the picnic (with the understanding they’d be returned dirty).

Our cafeteria manager was notified ahead of time and made bag lunches for each student in 3-5th grade.  This allowed the classes to file in to the cafeteria, pick up their lunch, and then head out to the field.  We decided afterwords that this took too much time for the groups to form, so next time we will just have the lunches for each class boxed and ready outside.

Plant operators had garbage cans and picnic tables set up for the staff.

During our school announcements students were told about the picnic and posters we received from TEACHING TOLERANCE we hung throughout the school building. 

Teachers  received a flow chart to share with their students so the process would run smoothly.  (see next tab)

The day of the picnic each student received their bracelet, picked up their lunch, went to the field and located the blanket and cone with their color, ate with their group, answered and posted their answers on the chart paper, shared telephone numbers, email address, etc. in their new address books,  and socialized. 
(see tab with Mix It Up Day Movie).