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Heritage Day can be celebrated at any time of the year, but I usually have it within the first few months of school.


It's a great way for students and staff to "get to know each other" and this can be the springboard to further activities.


Heritage Day Directions:  These can be sent home with the students for homework (print enough for each student)  or can be done in class.


Heritage Day Letter to the teachers  This is an example of what I send out to the teachers. 


Supplies you'll need to make the tags:  1. Card stock paper cut into 4x4½ rectangles, 2. a hole puncher, and 3. yarn or ribbon (about 3' to allow for knots to be made). 


Plan ahead and volunteers can do all the cutting for you. Then have them count out the amount needed for each class, make a bundle, and place them in each teacher's mailbox along with the directions.


Here's a video of how our day turned out.