School Hours:

      • School hours are from 8:35-2:50 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
      • School hours on Wednesday are from 8:35-1:35.
      • Students may enter the classroom at 8:25. Any student  entering the classroom after the tardy bell at 8:35 will be marked tardy.
  * Excessive tardies will result in a note home.

Attendance Policy:

Attending school on a daily basis helps students   succeed. If a student is absent parent/guardian must call the school office or write a note to the teacher with an explanation of the absence.

Absences without notes or phone calls will be marked unexcused.

Report Cards
: November 13th, February 26th and June 9th

Pinellas County Schools
 Grading System.

               A = 90-100%
               B = 80-89%
               C = 70-79%
                           D = 60-69%
                           F = 0-59%

Midterms will be sent home halfway through the grading period.

Report cards will be sent home on the following dates: