LEP (Limited English Proficient) students are required to receive accommodations when taking common assessments and FCAT. 

These accommodations are:

Flexible Setting - ESOL students may be tested in another room.

Flexible Scheduling - parts or sessions of a test may be given during several brief periods within one school day, but must be finished within one school day.

Flexible Timing - students may be provided additional time, however a session must be completed within one school day.

Assistance in Heritage Language - some assistance can be given in the child’s heritage language.  Currently McMullen Booth Elementary School has one Spanish translator and one Serbian translator.

Dictionary - students may have access to an English-to-heritage language translation dictionary.

*  These accommodations are provided for classroom tests, common assessments, CELLA, and FCAT.  NO accommodations are provided when taking timed fluency tests.