Teaching ePortfolio Template (Assessment)
Accountability with Evidence of Teaching Performance
Are you a new teacher or student teacher?
Have you been teaching for years but looking for a new job?
Are you looking to advance your career or move up the salary schedule?
Are you planning on creating a portfolio for evaluation purposes?

A teaching portfolio gives you a competitive edge. You can use this guide to help you create a personalize collection of materials and artifacts that document the effectiveness of your teaching based on teaching standards.

"A teaching portfolio describes documents and materials which collectively suggest the scope and quality of a teacher’s performance."
Seldin, Peter. Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios. Bolton, MA. Anker, 1993.

In the overview, describe what your teaching ePortfolio will do for you.

Add an image of either you, you teaching your students, or another image in the upper left of the banner that describes you under Customize.

Add links to your school website, district website, any blogs or sites that you are mentioned on the sidebar under Preferences under Customize. You can add or remove any categories or pages that work for you.

For more information to help you design your ePortfolio, we encourage you to check Dr. Helen Barrett’s site on Electronic Portfolios.