2008 Beijing Summer Olympics
Did you watch? Did you go? Did you follow the events?

When school starts... and Media Center begins...                                   

    Summer Olympics will have ended, but not the learning opportunites!
    Check back for these additional tabs:
  • Show what You Know...

    We will collect all the interesting details and facts found while working on these webpages. We will use the comments box tool to submit interesting information about the Summer Olympics and websites within this project. Submitted ideas will be published on the site with credit to each "researcher". 

  • Challenge Questions...

    We will learn alot about the 2008 Olympics during this project. Here, we’ll share what we’ve learned by developing Challenge questions for our quiz about the Olympics. Using the comment box tool everyone can submit Challenge questions for consideration. The questions can be true/false, multiple choice, or short answer.

  • Take the Quiz...

    Now we will all take a quiz to show what we know! This quiz will be made from details and facts and challenge questions submitted from participants as a culminating shared activity. See how well you do!            

  • Where in the World?

    Together we will use Google Earth to place our favorite athletes and medal winners on the map!

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