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A resource tool for parents/guardians of kindergartners.
Here is a collection of homework help and creative activities to help you facilate learning at home for your kindergartner. Every month the website will be updated with websites that pertain to what is going on in our classroom. The websites from previous months will be archived so that you can review what your kinder has learned.

September- Over the next month your kindergartener will be exploring the busy world of bugs. From, flies, to ants, to spiders, to ladybugs your kindergartner will begin learning about the various life cycles of animals. This unit will continue to build on what your kindergartner already learned during out exploration of the plant life cycle. Each day will bring the oversation and exploration of the different bug of the day. Once we have covered all the bugs for this unit, we will end the week creating our own bugs. This two week unit will lead into our next unit in which your child will learn firsthand how butterflies transform. Enjoy the various links to help further your childs exploration and learning.

Kinder Science- September
Life Science
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