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     ABCYa....Clear it Addition



Punctuation Paintball





Pumpkin Fun 2019

Biocube           from Read Write Think

GrandFather Tang’s Story.
We read the story of Grandfather Tang and then made tangram animals in our Media Center Lab.

Click on the book to go to a website to solve tangram puzzles. Scroll down a bit to find the tangram work areas. Have fun!

                                     Click here for more Tangram fun!

 Let’s Make Snowflakes!
Everybody loves snowflakes! Did you know that every  snowflake is unique and one of a kind? Try making your own snowflakes online at Snow Days. You can also search for all the Alameda flakes we’ve made and send messages too. We’ve talked about never giving out personal information or full names, and the responsibility of always being polite online. Have fun!



By Heather .R      April 12, 2013 -- 05:41 PM
Math is so fun!

By victoria      March 26, 2013 -- 06:28 PM
making snow flakes are awesome

By Isabella Bazo       March 23, 2013 -- 09:12 AM

Your a awesome teacher! Because of you we know our math!!!!!;)

By Heather      February 23, 2013 -- 09:47 AM
bay farm is awesome!!!

By Dayonne J.      February 1, 2013 -- 05:30 PM
math is fun.

By ChloeC      September 24, 2011 -- 12:08 PM

By lily r      May 24, 2011 -- 10:22 AM
this is so fun playing tangram

By Peri P6      January 27, 2011 -- 05:03 PM
Making snowflakes was one of the smartest things you have ever done!!!!! Now I go on it every day. Even the parts of my family that don't go here love it. Thank you soooooooo much!!!

By Youngsue So 204      June 2, 2010 -- 09:56 PM
i like math facts

By Peri Rawski      May 15, 2010 -- 04:21 PM
I think that you should put a puzzle were if you get a puzzle peice roung you loose more lives.

By katie H.      March 1, 2010 -- 07:39 PM
Making snowflakes was great.

By Ms Gordon's class      February 4, 2010 -- 02:21 PM
We need the Clifford online stories

By Ms. Hamill's      February 4, 2010 -- 01:12 PM
We think that you should add PBS KIds Super Reading Challenge.

By mrs. clement 500      February 4, 2010 -- 11:03 AM
Ms. Clement We think you need to add Read between the Lions site from PBS.
Ms. Lewis

By Kaitlyn Ogata 204      January 14, 2010 -- 09:15 PM
making snowflakes was fun.

By AndrewP3      September 11, 2009 -- 07:21 PM
Everything is so fun I canít choose !!!!!

By Terrence 204      March 5, 2009 -- 05:39 PM
Making Snowfakes was very fun it puts a lot of creativity and imagination in my head. Thank you Mrs. Clement for putting it on our page!