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By Lori Moe      February 4, 2013 -- 07:11 PM

Please tell us what programs we can get at home to support what you are teaching in Media Center on computers. Ie: what programs are Grade 1 using in your center?

Hi Lorie,

The programs we use are right here on our Learning Links pages. These are links to webpages, subscriptions and internet apps for computers (both Mac and PC). Now that we are 1:1 iPads in the Media Center I will be sending out lists of apps we are using through classroom email very soon. I also hope to start a blog soon that will share our activities and apps we use, so watch for that too. Ms. Clement

By brandon      July 10, 2012 -- 08:10 PM

ms. clement
when is the next book fair going to be?


We have a fall and Spring Book Fair each year. Next fall fair will happen in October. Happy Reading!

Ms. Clement

By Alex      April 4, 2012 -- 08:58 PM

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By cynthia      December 4, 2011 -- 07:27 AM
great site

By Bryant Lin      January 30, 2010 -- 06:24 PM
I used to go to BayFarm School, and enjoyed the fun activities the Media Center provided. I appreciated the PTA for donating so many books for our next generation of kids to read. Who knows, maybe they will be the generation to come up with numerous inventions.

By emily      December 11, 2009 -- 11:29 AM
I LLLOOOOvvvvvEEE Reading.

By Jacob      May 15, 2009 -- 10:46 PM
On eekocrechure I had a shark body chimp legs whale arms a tuna head and a turtle tail.