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Math Facts

Work on your speed and accuracy using these fun learning links!




  Kitten Match...

practice making addition combinations while you play against 3 other players!



JetSki Addition



Island Chase Subtraction



    Math Lines  

                                                                    at ABCya 



      That’s a Fact!                          
             by Harcourt Brace        


     Math Games: Timed Addition


        Fun Brain: Math Baseball



               Sum Sense: Addition




        Sum Sense: Subtraction  


By Mrs. Kuttner      April 18, 2013 -- 08:25 PM
That was fun!

By Mrs. Clement      November 17, 2009 -- 07:42 AM
How fast can you do your math facts?

By Evian Jiang      April 17, 2009 -- 09:58 AM
I already know what 9+8 is. It is 17! I also know what 52+156 is. It is 208!