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Digital Journey Professional Development Programs

    "I guess I am crazy enough to think I can change
     the world and hope I have a small impact on what
     we do as educators."
- Howie DiBlasi

Called "The Emerging Technology Evangelist," Howie is a former Durango, Colorado resident and recently retired as the C.I.O. (Chief Information Officer) for the Durango School District. As an expert in his field, Howie conducts interactive seminars on 21st Century Learning, Visual Literacy, Digital Interactive Learning and "Making Show-N-Tell Cool".  He has presented at over fifty (50) technology conferences and is a recognized leader in 21st Century Learning and Digital Literacy.

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21 FREE Software Tools for the 21st Century Classroom
Learn about 21 FREE software applications you can use in your classroom for students to explore the cornerstones of media—research, technology, and literature—through minds-on, hands-on learning that prepares them for living and working in the 21st Century.

10 Rules for Revolutionaries in the 21st Century Classroom
Our Digital Kids learn from watching, showing and sharing with others who care as much as they do. So, how do we, as educators, get their attention, capture their interest, and motivate them?

Lost in Cyberspace: Teaching Brock to Search
An important 21st century skill is Information Literacy, the ability to find, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically. Learn how teachers can help students search, read for information, how to guide students through the research process, and ho...

21st Century Skills: What are they and why I should care?
How much of our curriculum is centered on authentic problem-solving, teamwork and information literacy? Administrators and educational leaders need to rethink our K-12 education using 21st Century Skills to help students be successful in the global economy.

Google Guide: 29 Secrets for using Google in the Classroom
Think you know Google.. Think again.. Tap into its full potential with the insider tips and make your life easier in and outside the classroom. Today, Google is an Office Suite, a communication tool, powerhouse search engine, a massive digital library, a fast...

Building Learning Communities: Projects for the Global Classroom Connection
The presentation will provide background on Global Community Projects and how to make a Global Connection. Projects allow students to learn 21st Century skills and prepare them to meet the demands of the global community and engage them in mastering core cu...

The Power of One: Changing the World of Education One Teacher at a Time
We must train our teachers to use the new Digital Tools and include connections that are “Global, and Authentic”. We must teach our students to be self-directed and make a meaningful connection to the community. Students need learning to be relevant, meaningf...

Telling Your Story...Traveling the World with Digital Story Telling
Session allows participants to understand teaching, learning, and assessment strategies for working with the digital generation by creating Visual Literacy Projects. Our goal is to help you interpret, use, appreciate, and create images and video using both con...

Web 2.0: Create-Communicate-Collaborate-Connect
The session will help you discover how Web 2.0 applications, Screencasting, e-pals communication projects, digital stories, Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, handheld devices, and annotation software provide more engaging and collaborative personal computing environment...