When Lines Collide
Systems of Equations
Writing Mathematical Sentences & Identifying Variables

Today in class we will continue to translate word problems written in Standard English to mathematical sentences using variables.


  • CPM Algebra Connections Book   
  • Work from previous day, problem 6-7
  • Binder or Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Calculator


Problems 6-13 through 6-15


  • Work on 6-13 with your group
  • Do 6-14 using the Guess & Check table from problem 6-7

Assign variables to the columns you already created

o  After all variables have been assigned, write a mathematical sentence about the problem

o  Verify answers from guess and check table to those found using the mathematical sentence

  • Create new guess & check tables to solve each part in 6-15
  • Wrap-up & Discussion