When Lines Collide
Systems of Equations

Today in class we will solve Systems of Linear Equations using substitution.  Learn why this method is more beneficial in certain situations!!


  • CPM Algebra Connections Book   
  • Set of 4 Index Cards labeled differently for each group to use (Label according to problem 6-34)
             Example of Set of cards:  2 labeled with the
             "Y" 1 labeled with "X" and 1 labeled with

  • Binder or Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Calculator


Problems 6-32 through 6-36


  • Work on 6-32 with your group
  • Each group will be given a set of index cards

o       Read problem 6-33 as a group

o       Using the index cards try to solve your system

o       Write out each step done and the solution

o Graph the lines on the same set of axes

Present group work to class

  • Wrap-up & Discussion