Achieving Expression through Beethoven
What makes music expressive?
Learning Objectives
What will students be able to do? What knowledge, skills, strategies, and attitudes will the students gain?
  • Students will be able to explain melody and accompaniment and be able to identify it in music.
  • Demonstrate correct articulation and dynamics for expressive interpretation of a piece that is representative of a specific genre and style.
  • Analyze the life of Beethoven and his works and incorporate this genre into their performance.
Replace this text with your objectives. Some examples include:
  • Students will perform Joyful Joyful from Beethovenís 9th Symphony, arranged by Mark Williams with expression significant to that era.
  • Students will listen to and analyze music by Beethoven.
  • Students will analyze their individual pieces and identify where they play the melody or accompaniment.
  • Students will explain how to create expressive music and all the basic concepts that help create a good sound.