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We encourage you to add events to the eCoach calendar. If you have an event you would like to share with the eCoach community, add it to your calendar and send the request to ecoach@my-ecoach.com. These programs can help you collaborate and manage tasks, projects, and events.

Basecamp allows collaborative planning with to-do lists, sharing files, tracking time, and scheduling milestones.

Set up a Google calendar to share with others and embed into your projects.
Check out Remember the Milk to create your To Do and Tasks list.
See Tip.
Voo2do is an always-accessible, web-based time management spreadsheet allowing advanced task and priority management for busy, ambitious individuals.
Penzu lets you create an online journal experience that is similar to writing in a paper journal or diary, but since it is online, you can access it from anywhere. Penzu is extremely fast and responsive. No log in required. You can instantly write. Your work is saved constantly. You can search your entries, share them, or mark them private .

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