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Rubric Machine is an interactive tool to help you construct scoring rubrics for a particular lesson, assignment or project you plan to teach. Create a one or two-page grid that identifies what students need to know or do in order to show they understand the lesson.


Use  iRubric to build rubrics and access them from anywhere, create grade books and use rubrics for easy grading, distribute rubrics to students, and much more - for free.


Rubistar lets you create rubrics for project-based learning activities. You can find and adapt rubrics, create rubrics from scratch and make your rubrics interactive all for free.

By Mary Louise Castillo      January 30, 2010 -- 04:48 PM
Already to write my own but if this is interactive, that's great!

By A. Aas      December 7, 2010 -- 09:36 AM
I hope this can be applied to the stuff I am teaching. That would be great.

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