Library in a Box Project
Can students make an impact on world events? Can they make a difference?


Students have a voice in our world and the power to impact events with those young voices. We believe our students can make a difference, with one donated book at a time...or even better...a Library in a Box!

Library in a Box is a completely student driven project developed at Bay Farm School’s Media Center to share the love of reading with other students during times of emergency or natural disaster. From start to finish... personal book donations, book sorting, theme development, book clustering/bundling, letter writing, team photos, box design, marketing logos/labels, and finally to the completed project, students run the show.

Our students love to read, they donate their gently read books to our schoolwide project each year, and create and manage the project:

  Students donate books from home to the project.
  They form teams to develop a Library in a Box.
  They sort the donated books into categories and themes.
  They select books for their boxes.
  Each team writes a "love to read" letter to include in their box.
  Each team gets their picture taken to include in the box with their letter.
  Students create reading logos and labels and print their favorite poems to decorate the box.
  Each team mod-podges their boxes to create a special themed box to hold each mini library.

Our project is a real world application of library skills, life skills, and H3 skills we focus on during our Media Center visits. As our project begins to be known from our website and word of mouth, other schools are asking us how the project works. We see that this project can be developed, replicated, and shared, so that other schools can also work together to make an impact on our world in a positive way and help more children enjoy the love of reading.

Be sure to read on to see how you can join in the project!

Our community is enriched by parents and students who love to read and have a wealth of reading material at home and at school. By sharing gently read books donated from home students can reach out and help other children utilizing the life skill and H3 skill of Caring, and share their love of reading while reaching beyond themselves. They extend and deepen their own interests in reading as they sort donated books and develop boxes, but more importantly, they learn that they can make a difference in their world, and that working together maximizes their creativity, energy, and contributions.
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