Library in a Box Project
Can students make an impact on world events? Can they make a difference?
2. Forming Learning Clubs

Week One:

Students self-selected their seats to begin this activity. They sat at tables of up to 5- 6 students each. Students completed the 
"I Love to Read" Project Planner individually at their seats.

Learning Clubs

After completing the planner, I facilitated table discussion shares of 2 minutes for each "page" topic answer shared round robin. (7 topics in all).

We quickly charted out answers (stress "no repeats" to move it along) to each of the sections to bring table answers together into a class generated chart of interests.

Note: We label this chart by class and will come back to it from time to time throughout the year.

I explained that for the Library in a Box Project, they would need to form Learning Clubs; teams that develop a library box full of great books to read that would be given to an individual child of need, or shared in a classroom to help develop a new classroom library. These boxes would be theme/interest/series based, at similar reading levels, and reflected agreement of the group developing the box.

Each Learning Club is responsible for:
  • Choosing a theme for the box
  • Selecting books to include
  • Developing reading slogans and label designs
  • Writing a letter of reading encouragement
  • Taking a group picture to include in the box
  • ModPodging the box and cover

I allowed time for students to formulate Learning Clubs of 4-6 students. They completed the cover page of the project planner for Library in a Box specifying the members of the group. Both "I Love to Read" and Library in a Box project planners were collected and filed to use the following week.

Note: We used special sized plastic bins labelled for each Media Center project with mini classroom folders to hold the planners together as classes until that Media Center Project was completed.