Library in a Box Project
Can students make an impact on world events? Can they make a difference?
4. Theme/Book Selections

Week Two

Today students working in their Learning Clubs needed to determine a theme for their Library in a Box, chose a box, and selected the titles to go into the box.

Our Learning clubs looked through the sorted books and chose a theme (mystery, Goosebumps, classics, adventure, books by Roald Dahl) and selected a number of books (usually 5-8 depending on size of the box and types of books) to go into their box.

They used the online catalog and backs of books to determine average reading levels and filled out the information on their Project Planner. They also listed all titles that went into the box.

While doing this work photos of each club were taken to include in the box with the letter they will be writing.
At the end of their hour visit, each club’s box with planner is wrapped with a length of yarn and stacked with other class boxes under construction.

Students were encouraged to search at home for glitter, bookmarks, buttons, and other things to place on the boxes when they begin box designs the following week.