Library in a Box Project
Can students make an impact on world events? Can they make a difference?
5. Letter Writing/Club Photos

Week Three: Letters of Encouragement

Learning Clubs wrote letters to encourage the love of reading. These letters will be included in the top of each library in a box along with the club’s photo. Groups drafted letters inside their project planner, read them aloud to each other, and peer edited final drafts. Each member signed their name.

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Some example letters

Teams also developed their box designs. Geometric shapes in different sizes and color from construction paper were available for students to cover box labels. Students selected favorite poetry to place on their boxes and xerox-reduced illustrations and covers to include on the boxes to hint at the contents. Each class developed and typed out personal reading logos and labels which were reproduced and shared with all.

Labels on every box included "Library in a Box," "with love from Bay Farm School" and "Specialty:....." to describe the contents.  Logos developed included "We love to Read," "Take a journey, read a book," "Books free your imagination to do amazing things,"etc.