Library in a Box Project
Can students make an impact on world events? Can they make a difference?
6. ModPodging

Week Four/Five

At this stage of the project during Media Center visits the energy level and work was fast and furious. Learning Clubs trimmed their designs and labels using decorative scissors. Final drafts of letters were completed. Photos were printed at 2x3 to include in each box.

   Click here to see a mini movie: ModPodging

The ModPodging process has step-by-step directions. We set up a table outside the Media Center for two weeks and throughout the day students were outside completing boxes.









Once students followed the charted directions and repeated them, the process became easier and the results were creative and unique. Each box was a one-of-a-kind product, and could be viewed by the school as they dried.


The completed boxes were on display as they piled up within the two week span of construction.


Community responses were encouraging to our students as they completed their boxes. Many students volunteered to create additional boxes, while some created more at home and brought them in to donate in addition to the project.