Library in a Box Project
Can students make an impact on world events? Can they make a difference?
1. Call to Action/Donations

Before and During the Project

1-2 weeks before beginning the Library in a Box we announced the project to our community and requested donations.

We made our first announcement at our daily Morning Ceremony where the whole school assembles before the beginning of school each day to hear school news and upcoming events. We then followed up weekly with blurbs in our online newsletter and take home classroom news. 

 Click here to see our Morning Ceremony.

This was a schoolwide activity coordinated through the weekly Media Center program.





We asked for gently used books donated from home to our Media Center. We provided a large wagon and bins for daily collection. We encouraged students to make book marks and use special note stationary (some provided from us) to write something about the book they were donating and why they chose it to send.

We also began asking for shoe boxes with flip top lids attached well ahead of the ModPodge activity to assure we had enough for the project.