World War I Introduction
How and why did the world become inflamed with war?
Learning Objectives
  • Students will understand the causes of World War II.
  • Students will further their knowledge about European geography.
  • Students should also understand the countries involved, key leaders and impact on the countries where the war was fought.
  • Students will visit several linked websites to determine the main causes of WWI, the nations involved, the alliances and the result of the war. Students will write down their findings on a worksheet provided.
  • Students in whole class discussion will say what they have learned. We will synthesize their discoveries to come up with a list of about seven or eight primary causes of the start of the war.
  • Then the class will divide into groups of four or five students. Each group will be assigned one of the causes on the list. Each group will get a large sheet of poster paper and markers. Each group will then research its topic and narrate their cause in a timeline format, with main events, descriptions, dates and at least one visual element.
  • Students will then post their cause's timeline around the room and present to the rest of the class.