Migrant Ed Program at Oak Grove High School
9th Grade

As you begin high school, itís important to make sure you are taking courses that will prepare you for college. 

Work with your teachers and counselor to get on a college-bound track.


9th Grade

o   Take required courses to meet the CSUís admission standards:

o   Algebra I or Geometry

o   College prep English

o   A Foreign language.


o   Take elective courses that meet the CSUís admission standards:

o   History

o   English

o   Math

o   Science

o   Visual and Performing Arts

o   A foreign language


o   Begin or update your Student Planner at www.csumentor.edu.  The planner has information on courses and grades required for CSU admission.

o   Join clubs, play sports and volunteer. This is a good way to develop or expand your interests.

o   Earn good grades (As and Bs) and stay on top of homework assignments.




*Taken from https://www.calstate.edu/college/ninth.shtml