Migrant Ed Program at Oak Grove High School
11th Grade

11th Grade

This is the year to start attending college information programs and visiting college campuses.  Keep working with your teachers and counselor on college requirements and stay focused on your coursework.


o   Review with your school counselor the classes you need to take for CSU admission, including Algebra II or advanced math and English with emphasis on writing and critical reading.

o   Take the CSU’s Early Assessment Program (EAP) exam (www.calstate.edu/eap) to determine if you are ready for college-level mathematics and English/language arts.

o   Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes: Register to take the AP exams in the spring.  You can earn college credit for AP courses if you score well on the test(s).

o   Register for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or the ACT (American College Testing) a month before the exam.  If you take the exam in the spring or summer, you will get the results in time to see if you need to retake it in the fall.  Some CSU campuses require you to take the SAT by October of your senior year.

o   Gather information about colleges, financial aid, scholarships and careers.  More information at www.californiacolleges.edu




*Taken from https://www.calstate.edu/college/eleventh.shtml