Hero's_Reality: Near Future Imagination Collision
Nanotechnology is a burgeoning scientific process. How will it effect the world?
Nanotechnology is a very real part of our lives today. How much, how regulated, how far, and why, are all questions worth pondering. Hero’s Reality is an ongoing multimedia unit that uses tools of the 21st century classroom to create a multi-authored digital story. Click the tabs on the left of this page to further explore the characters as they evolve.

The class was introduced to the unit with a discussion of nanotechnology. We read the UNESCO article, and wrote a reflection on its implications:

UNESCO overview of current trends and ethical considerations-
UNESCO download link

Scholarly Journals-
Journal of Nanotechnology

I then wrote the Introduction and Character sheets including a sample character I will use in the collaborative story.

Hero’s Reality part one; the story begins-
Hero’s Reality Introduction

Hero’s Reality Character Sheets: (This interactive story is also a role-playing game)
Character Sheet One
Role playing sheet one

Graphic Organizer with assignments/guides
Graphic Organizer

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